Viabuzz Anniversary Issue

Viabuzz is an internal monthly digital newsletter, that binds the people of Viacom18 India together with a common string of experiences, stories and values. As it completed a year, the magazine was up for a special anniversary edition. It was truly special because apart from adapting a physical form, it also had the stories from each and every team that makes ‘Team Viacom18’.

Role: Illustration and Design 

Client: Viacom18 
Brand: Viabuzz
Chief of Editorial Staff - Sonia Huria 
Editor – in – Chief - Misha Paul
Editor – at – Large - Prasanna Ratanjankar
Editorial Coordinator - Aditi Chada
Production Coordinator - Sreemoyee Banerjee
Photography - Kevin Nunes, Vijit Gupta & Narendra Photographer 
Printing - Synthesis Communications 

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