Peacock Life

Peacock Life by Shabnam Gupta is a wonderland of statement pieces that caters to the design needs of one and all with its innovative and versatile range of furniture, décor and lighting fixtures. The pieces are especially scouted, handpicked and up-cycled, and available as one-off pieces. They also have an enchanting range of handcrafted pieces like Rochester Chesterfield Sofa, Drum Side Table which is designed in-house and is open to customisation. This whole book was created to launch the brand and tell the story of design of every piece at Peacock Life as it fuses Indian aspects with its individualistic recycled character, either through material or colour or by giving new life to defunct objects making them statement pieces. 
Role: Illustration, Art Direction & Graphic Design 

Client: Shabnam Gupta
Brand: Peacock Life
Writer: Shabnam Gupta, Akanksha Gupta & Shreya Mayo 

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