The Many Me Project

The Many Me Project, a product of the MTV Insights Studio team, was one of the biggest youth studies in the country in 2016. MTV spoke to 11000+ young people from more than 50 cities across India, and studied their very intriguing and interesting lives. Aptly titled 'MTV Many Me Project' was a look into the ever-changing, ever-dynamic, multidimensional and multi-faceted youth of India. This insight lead to publishing this great big study and it even got picked to be presented as a case study at ESOMAR Congress 2016, New Orleans, USA.
Role: Illustration, Art Direction & Graphic Design 

Business Head,Youth and English Entertainment, Viacom 18: Ferzad Palia
Head, Marketing, Media and InsightsYouth Entertainment, Viacom 18: Sumeli Chatterjee
Manager, Consumer and Biz Insights,Youth Entertainment, Viacom 18: Shibani Nayak
Qualitative Research Partner: Third Eye Qualitative Researchers
Quantitative Research Partner: Juxt Smart Mandate
Content Edits: Ameya Sukhthankar 
Ebook: Deepak Oram

Click here to read the entire study. 

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