The studio works with a team of like-minded people from around the world with a strong belief that outstanding design and intelligent use of technology, coupled with a highly collaborative approach, is the true value proposition for our clients. The people that work with me and the studio are curious by nature and believe that innovative development occurs best when a motivated, inspired and open-minded collective of passionate individuals work together to solve its client's greatest challenges. Therefore all of us pride ourselves on our mindset and on overcoming the barriers of place, language and culture. 

The Team

Vidhi Shah
Founder & Creative Director

Mithila Kumar
Design Director

Prakriti Bharvani  
Visual Designer

Nimisha Sonkar 
Visual Designer

The Culture

It's a team game.

No lone wolves here! Mutual support and motivation are crucial parts of our culture. We fix mistakes together. Success is celebrated together.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. 

We change, projects change and the world changes. We are not only open to new things, we actively search for them. If we don't know how something works, we teach it to ourselves. 

Make good shit.

The mission: Push web and print experiences forward through constant improvement. We want to be proud of our work and amaze others. The demands on us and our work are correspondingly high. 

Human after all.  

We're not machines (at least some of us aren't). We make mistakes and we improve upon them. In the end, we're just some people spending way too much time in front of our computer screens. 

If you think you'd be a good addition to our team, get in touch. No need to be formal. Just tell us a bit about yourself by sending us links to your portfolio /website, the latest projects you worked on or your GitHub / Behance / Dribble account. We'll be in touch.