Enchanted Forestland

The Enchanted Forestland is a story created and conceptualised by The Story Merchants. It is a magical story of four friends, Andy, Rabbit, Froggo, Lua Lua and their 6 adventures. This story is also brought to life with aids like the board-game and wooden characters for purposeful exploration and concept building as children gather information through the experiences that they have – especially ones that they can see and touch. 

The Characters 
The Board Game
The Book

Role: Illustration, Character Design & Art Direction

Client: The Story Merchants
Brand: Enchanted Forestland
Conceptualisation: Shouger Merchant & Kareena Merchant 
Writer: Kareena Merchant 
Colouring Assist: Radhika Joglekar 

Enchanted Forestland is available on My Baby Babbles, Indie Project Store & Wonderhood

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